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About Garrett Bros Outfitting

About Garrett Bros Outfitting

Garrett bros outfitting was established in 2005 after all 3 of us brothers had guided for numerous outfitters in north America for sheep, bear, deer, moose and just about anything we could hunt.

Texas Desert Sheep

Mike 2019 Desert Sheep

Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett is now the sole owner of Garrett Bros Outfitting and Consulting.

Pat was born in a small town in Alberta Canada where his Mom and Dad Lorne and Cecilia Garrett owned a taxidermy shop for 25 years.

Lorne was a hunter his whole life and brought pat and his brothers up in the bush and mountain, we learned to hunt at a very young age. And have been hunting his whole life and is a passion. As soon as pat turned 18 he took his first job in northern British Columbia guiding for elk moose caribou and grizzly bears, He never looked back and has been guiding all over the world since. I have guided over 400 clients in my career and have booked over 600 clients as of 2018. And there is no slowing down in the future.

When Pat's not outfitting his areas in Alberta he spends a lot of his time booking hunts for many outfitters as part of the consulting side of the business.

Pat has been on many outfitted hunts all over the world and as far away as Africa, so he has been on both sides of the fence and knows what a hunter expects when they show up for a hunt or is booking a hunt.

In 2011 Pat finished the super slam of North America successfully harvesting all 29 animals in north America at the time making him the youngest person in the world to ever do so. It didn’t end there, pat went on to complete the Ovis World Slam of Sheep in 2015, then went on to complete the Capra World Slam of Goats in 2017 and in 2018 Pat was awarded the Slam Quest Pinnacle Award making him only one of 69 people to ever do so. Pats hunted many other countries also such as Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, Spain Russia, Mexico.

With the extensive knowledge of the hunting camps and logistics Pat teamed up with all the outfitters he hunted with and began the consulting side of the business in 2014, specializing in north America for all animals especially the mountain sheep goat’s caribou and moose.

Altai Ibex

Jim Ibex

World Wide Big Game Hunting

Our team has had huge success in Spain, Mexico, and New Zealand, sending many hunters on once in a lifetime expeditions and adventures.

We realize that your hunt is not only about taking the animal of a lifetime but to feel welcome and have fun, stay in comfortable clean accommodations and eat well. None of us would expect anything less on an outfitted hunt and we have all been on them, so we know what it is like to be the guided hunter.

You can be sure everything is taken care of with Garrett Bros. We got into the outfitting and consulting business after many years of guiding for other outfitters and seeing how we could better the industry and step it up and notch to make your hunting experience better. We know how to make your hunt with us enjoyable and memorable. Our number one goal is for you to be able to relax, have fun and take a great animal.

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