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Spain Trophy Big Game Hunting Consultant

Spain Trophy Big Game Hunting Consultant

Spain Hunting Consultant

You will be hunting with myself, Pat Garrett on all of these Spain big game hunts. For questions on these Spain hunts, call me directly at 1-780-621-7989

Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, South Eastern Ibex, Ronda Ibex, Mouflon Sheep, Pyrnese Chamois, Cantabrian Chamois

Spain is a beautiful and historic country to visit, and the luxurious accommodations make this a great destination for not only individual mountain hunters, but also couples and families. The ibex in Spain are sought after by many hunters from all over the world because it is an easy hunt and can be finished a 2-3 day per ibex. The game management in Spain is considered the best in the world and as the games keepers have done a great job managing and protecting all the mountain ibex there and, above all, mountain hunting enthusiasts can harvest 7 different species towards there Ovis and Capra world slams.

The shape of the horns and the color of the hide distinguish 4 sub-species of ibex that get their names from their respective places they live in.

I work directly with 2 outfitters that hunt in the best private trophy quality areas, as well as the famous Spanish National Game Reserves that are well known for extremely good management and trophy quality of Gredos and Beceite ibex, I have been 100% successful with all my hunters on our Spanish hunts.

The outfitter will meet you at the airport with all the paperwork required for importing your guns, as well as the necessary licenses and permits. The outfitter or guide will accompany our clients throughout the whole adventure and hunt until the moment of departure.  4×4 trucks are used to access the areas the ibex live in.

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Gredos Ibex Hunting in Spain

Gredos Ibex Hunting in Spain with Pat Garrett as your guide and hunting consultant.

Gredos Ibex Hunts

The gredos ibex along with the beceite ibex are considered the largest of the 4 ibexes, the Gredos Ibex look most like a typical Spanish goat. the Gredos Ibex are dark in color and Typically have some of the most beautiful spiral horns on any Capra specie. The swoop back and on a big gold medal Billy they just look amazing. The gredos is the most expensive of the 4 ibex and usually the most sought after Billy, In 2017  I set up and  accompanied my client on a special permit hunt and harvest the oldest and biggest Billy of that year in Spain, Truly a hunt of a lifetime, We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best gredos ibex hunt offered in Spain.

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Beceite Ibex Hunting in Spain

Beceite Ibex Hunting in Spain with Pat Garrett as your guide and hunting consultant.

Beceite Ibex Hunts

The Beceite Ibex is another true mountain Billy with a dark coat with the largest horns of the 4 ibexes. Once your Billy has been spotted and you see him with his big sweeping horns your blood pressure will begin to rise, this hunt is a must for any mountain hunter.

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Ronda Ibex Hunting in Spain

Ronda Ibex Hunting in Spain with Pat Garrett as your guide and hunting consultant.

Ronda Ibex Hunts

The Ronda Ibex is the smallest of the Spanish Ibex and has the smallest horns. This magnificent species of the ibex is a light brown chocolate color. The horns of the Ronda ibex can resemble those of an Alpine ibex, typically growing upward in a V-shape, then backward with a spiral turn. Horn thickness is constant for half the length, then decreases gradually to the broomed tips.  The Ronda ibex is a great hunt that we here at GBO defiantly recommend as there is a good population and a good free-range hunt, I was able to harvest one of the largest Ronda ibex ever taken in this certain area and it was a hunt of a lifetime for me.

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Mouflon Sheep Hunts in Spain

Mouflon Sheep Hunts in Spain with Pat Garrett as your guide and hunting consultant.

Mouflon Sheep Hunts

Our excellent outfitters in Spain also hunt for excellent mouflon rams without having to travel to Central Europe to collect this highly prized trophy.

There is two ways of hunting the mouflon and they are organized either in free range areas or estate areas, both hunts provide the possibility of obtaining excellent mouflon rams.

The hunting area offered to our clients are all pre-scouted and arranged so that the maximum trophy quality can be harvested.  Good old mouflon rams can be judged right alongside of a north American ram as a deep curled heavy horned mouflon ram in a true trophy.

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Pyrnese and Cantabrian Chamois Hunts in Spain

Pyrenean and Cantabrian Chamois Hunts in Spain with Pat Garrett as your guide and hunting consultant.

Pyrenean and Cantabrian Chamois Hunts

These chamois hunts are a true mountain hunters quest, living in some of the most remote areas of Spain and France, they are very small in size compared to any other capra animals, having 7 different types of chamois around the world, it is super exciting to have some of the best hunting in Spain to offer two of the species here, We here at GBO have harvested both species and wouldn’t ever turn down the offer to go back to hunt them again, very affordable mountain hunt that offers the challenges that any other hunt does.

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South Eastern Ibex Hunting in Spain

South Eastern Ibex Hunting in Spain with Pat Garrett as your guide and hunting consultant.

South Eastern Ibex Hunts

The south eastern ibex is Smaller and lighter in color than the Beceite and Gredos, but larger and darker than the Ronda ibex, those from the Sierra Nevada generally the largest. forming a circle with the tips growing toward the neck like those of a mouflon. The keel is smooth, making the horns almost round in cross-section.

Hunts for the south eastern ibex can be a bit more challenging and Permits are quite limited and hunting this Ibex often involves a hard and steep climb. Although 2-3-day hunts are still offered for these ibex.

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